Lethal Mistake #6: Being Vague When Discussing How the Funds Are Going to Be Used

People don’t get excited about making a donation… they make a donation because they’re excited about what it will accomplish and who it will help. Therefore, it is imperative your donors know how their money will be spent. They deserve this information and you should feel obligated to provide it.


Lethal Mistake #5: Failing to Adequately Explain Your Organization’s Mission and How the Proceeds from the Campaign Will Be Used

Donors should not be treated as “one and done.” Your first job is not to get a prospect to donate. It is to get them to believe. The following is what your donors need to believe in.

Lethal Mistake #3: Not Using Technology to Your Advantage

The biggest disadvantage most fundraisers suffer from is not having sufficient funds to run the type of sophisticated campaigns they think would be most effective. In their desire to provide as much money as possible to the people who would benefit from each campaign, they often shortchange or overlook their own needs that could make their fundraising efforts more effective and efficient. Here’s how to avoid that costly and time-wasting mistake.

Fundraising Plan: Implementing the Plan

There’s a wide variety of choices or “tools” you can employ but not all are suited to every project. Remember, fundraising takes time and costs money so utilize your resources wisely. Make sure you have sufficient funds, time and personnel to achieve your objectives and don’t try to employ every tool at your disposal. Always use the right tool for the job and don’t overspend by using too many tools when it would be more efficient to use fewer… and always use tools with the intention of building long-term relationships, not just raising short-term money.