Fundraiser’s Guide: Avoid These 25 Lethal Mistakes

If you’re in charge of fundraising for a nonprofit organization, you can’t afford to make mistakes because people’s lives and welfare depend on you. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of common mistakes that many fundraisers make so you can profit from those mistakes instead of repeating them.

So if you’re a fundraiser and want to become a super successful fundraiser, and by that I mean a really successful fundraiser, take a short “free course” to learn from other fundraisers’ mistakes instead of wasting a lot of money and taking years to learn from your own mistakes.

Non-profits make lots of fundraising mistakes. Sometimes it’s because the person in charge has no background or training in e-mail marketing. Other times it’s because they have too much passion for their cause that they fail to understand that other people simply don’t share that passion or are more concerned with their own causes and concerns which demand their focus and attention.

Passion is what drives us. It’s what makes us human and gives us the drive, the determination and the energy to keep going especially when we lack the funds to hire additional people or employ the latest technology. Passion is what enlightens us to find new and innovative solutions to solve problems when we lack the resources in other areas.

Basically this is a good thing but sometimes it also clouds our judgment and deludes us into believing that because we feel a particular way, others must also feel the same.

This Guide has been written to help you avoid the most egregious of these mistakes, the ones that jeopardize your campaign’s level of success, rob you or your time, diminish your organization’s reputation, reduce the amount of your donors’ contributions and deprive the needy of the expected benefits.

So let’s get to it. The more you know, the fewer mistakes you’ll make, the more successful your campaign will be resulting in a greater number of people being helped.

And, if you read the entire Guide, I have a special “gift” for you at the end that will help you raise more money than you ever thought possible, in less time and with substantially less effort.

Thank you for the incredible work you do, the people you help and the organizations you serve. You’re all my heroes. May each of your campaigns grow in success and may you personally receive the recognition you deserve.


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