Franklin A. Wolfson is a seasoned business executive with decades of experience building and managing companies. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Franklin Wolfson has brought a unique and creative approach to each company with which he has worked.

Mr. Wolfson currently serves as the CEO of Revenue Enhancement Worldwide, a company that he founded back in 2008 to help business increase their revenue without any interference to their business or fundraising activities.

At the core of Franklin’s leadership style rests a commitment and desire to help others grow and succeed. He has always believed in charity and giving back to the community, his business principles have always centered on these essential values. It was this commitment to helping others that inspired Franklin to pursue Revenue Enhancement Worldwide. 

Presently residing in Newport Beach, California, Franklin spent the early years of his life in his home state of New York. Franklin Wolfson holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from NYU and a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Advertising and Marketing from Baruch College, where he earned the Bernard M. Baruch Memorial Scholarship.  

Mr. Wolfson has created a number of innovative business concepts by thinking “outside the box.” He is a creative marketer with a wide variety of product, marketing and management experience who believes that it is not only possible, but also highly effective, to produce products and services that can be valuable to its clients, advantageous to its members, profitable to the company, lucrative to its employees, rewarding to its investors and beneficial to the community. One of his most innovative business ventures was an uphill battle against childhood drug abuse. He created a board game called “Captain Quantum vs. The Ugly Druggies” and shipped it to schools and teachers across the country. Although his for-profit business model may not have been a huge success, Mr. Wolfson is proud of the work he has done to prevent kids from trying any and all drugs.

About Revenue Enhancement Worldwide

Revenue Enhancement Worldwide (REW) is the first true “revenue enhancement company” able to provide a substantial secondary source of revenue to its clients without cost or risk and without interfering with their regular business or fundraising activities. The mission of the company is to create a dependable and growing source of revenue for businesses, charitable institutions, schools, religious organizations, and other worthy causes. The company shows its members just how easy it is for them to be part of a movement that supports small businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, charities and religious organizations… just by shopping on where they personally benefit from the most rewarding shopping experience on the Internet!